Chapman Freeborn OBC carbon neutralisation

Hand-delivering a more sustainable future

We’re addressing our carbon emissions

Chapman Freeborn OBC recognises that change is necessary. That’s why we’re taking steps to not just offset our carbon emissions, but to reduce them too. The aviation industry is responsible for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, and we are committed to making that percentage smaller.

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Investment in neutralisation projects that make a difference

We are calculating the emissions of all journeys where customer packages are transported – whether they take place by plane or road - via the award-winning sustainability management platform, WAVES, and offsetting these by financing sustainability and carbon removal projects that make a long-term difference to planet Earth and its inhabitants.

High-impact carbon reduction and mitigation

Offsetting helps compensate for global CO2 emissions but does not stand alone to mitigate for climate change; it must function alongside active carbon reduction efforts. That’s why we’re also making ongoing changes internally to make our offices and daily operations more sustainable.

More sustainable offices

Our office in Cologne is now powered by 100% green energy, 10% of which is solar. We are addressing our fleet of company cars and in the last two years, every car that we’ve purchased has been a petrol/electric hybrid.

No cost transferred to our customers

We will be funding our carbon removal and sustainable office projects to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the pricing they’re used to with the added value of a completely neutralised service.

Supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Inaugurated in 2015, the UN’s Global Goals are a universal call to action to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet by 2030.