Case studies

Time-critical air solution for high fashion company

April 26, 2022

Project overview:
An international high fashion company that produces haute couture, ready-to-wear fashions and accessories needed an immediate next-day air solution to transport important items from Paris to Mexico.

Business challenges:
The customer reached out to Chapman Freeborn OBC for a fast, safe, reliable and trackable hand carry service. This multi-item shipment included 25 oversized boxes, that would require specific additional customs handling by our expert team, and carefully executed flight plans to ensure we met required delivery time.

Key actions and solutions:
Within minutes of receiving the job enquiry our dedicated on board courier (OBC) team provided an innovative and fast solution for the customer’s review. Due to the size of this time critical shipment our expert broker determined that we would assign two on board couriers to execute the job. Within minutes of the customer’s approval the couriers assigned to the job were able to collect the packages from the customer and begin executing the task. The flight plan included a layover at LAX and was seamlessly completed and handed over to the customer in Mexico.

Our global presence, with offices in Germany and the USA ensured that 24/7 OBC team support was available to manage the hand carry shipment, in addition to the two assigned couriers.


  • Items arrived at the destination and to each phase of the flight plan on schedule.
  • The customer was able to enjoy the reassurance that they could directly access their assigned courier at all times throughout the process, as well as track the shipment progress online in real time.
  • The experience of our expert team, as well as the availability of our broad courier network allowed us to quickly access the necessary resources to make this shipment possible.


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