Case studies

All OBC shipping is not created equal.

May 27, 2021

On board courier services specialize in urgent shipments but there may be other reasons companies prefer to use a hand-carry courier. When a shipment has to be delivered faster than any commercial delivery service and security is a priority, an on board courier that accompanies the shipment is the very best choice.

In this case, Chapman Freeborn OBC’s customer was requesting emergency assistance for their customer. They needed to be sure there was uninterrupted control of the shipment from the courier to the recipient. In addition to secure handling, they also needed same-day delivery.

The specific request was for 148 boxes of automotive parts for a manufacturing assembly line. This was a domestic delivery within Asia, which took advantage of direct flights so that same day delivery was possible. Sunny Poon, Operations Manager for Chapman Freeborn OBC in Hong Kong, said, “It took some extra coordination because this job required more than one courier and a half dozen people helping to smooth the way at the airport terminals on both ends of the journey.”

Although the total shipment was 619 kgs/1,364 lbs., each box was very light. The number of parcels required the couriers to check them in as checked baggage. At check-in, the couriers were present for security screening and any special handling. Checked boxes, cases or bags may be subject to search or x-rays. The packages travel in a pressurized hold and receive priority handling as passenger baggage. On arrival at the destination airport, the packages are unloaded as usual and are immediately available for delivery to their final location within minutes of airport arrival.

In the end, the packages and couriers arrived safely and on time and were met by the designated recipient who accepted the packages.

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