Why is Real-Time Tracking Important for An On Board Courier (OBC)?

October 1, 2019

The extreme importance of delivering On Board Courier (OBC) shipments in a safe and secure manner means that the shipper is also eager to know the status of the shipment. That’s why real-time tracking is so important. Not all OBC providers offer real-time tracking, but Chapman Freeborn OBC offers package tracking. In addition to the regular updates you receive from the OBC team, you can also login, enter the tracking number and track the package. That means you’ll view real-time updates on the status, no matter where it is in the world.

The Best Possible Customer Service

That’s a huge benefit to both the courier and the client, particularly with high-value and confidential shipments. The level of tracking allows the courier to offer the best possible customer service by making sure that the client knows where he or she is at every moment, but it also offers greater certainty for delivery estimates, based on actual delays and unavoidable challenges along the way. With real-time tracking via multiple channels, the courier is more productive and can even get the job done more expeditiously, because he can also focus on getting to the destination.

Benefit to the Client

The real benefit, though, is to the client, because the package is of critical importance, and it must be tracked with the utmost care. With real-time tracking, the package is safer and more secure. You have evidence, and that real-time tracking detail offers peace of mind. With real-time tracking, you also know that the support team can immediately jump into action to resolve any delay. A client needs to know that their situation is of the highest priority and that we are working to deliver the package as soon as possible. That is what an On Board Courier is all about, and that is the level of service we offer at Chapman Freeborn OBC.

Your shipment is important to you and to us. Let us give you the ease of mind of being able to track your shipment at anytime. Request a quote today.

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