When we say next day service, we mean it.

March 3, 2021

Chapman Freeborn OBC prides itself in Next Day service. Broker, John Prompanya, received an inquiry for time critical job from the American Mid-West to Central America. All of the Spanish-speaking couriers in the area were engaged, but a New York based courier could arrive quicker, so he won the job. The pick-up location was an hour away from the airport.  All of the available flights were showing tight connections, so the customer made the decision to deliver the package to the airport personally. The handoff was at 6 a.m. on a Saturday ahead of the scheduled 9 a.m. departure to Atlanta. This first leg of the journey was delayed due to weather on the ground. A short 15-minute delay grew every 15 minutes into 1 ½ hour delay, making the connecting flight from Atlanta no longer viable.  John quickly searched for a flight later in the day. He booked a new flight and advised the customer, OBC was still on track to make the ‘next day’ delivery happen.

The courier finally departed and smoothly connected in Atlanta for the final leg of the journey. When he arrived at customs, none of the agents spoke English. This is very rare but not a problem. The courier knew that about half the population speaks both English and Spanish. He stepped out of line and quickly crowd-sourced a solution, “Excuse me everyone, I need your help. Does anyone speak Spanish?” He quickly found someone, who then helped with the translation. With all the necessary documents completed, the package was processed, cleared and delivered well before the deadline.

Happy customers always make our day.

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