What to Look for in the Best OBC Service…

September 19, 2019

OBC is an On Board Courier. An OBC service is the express, hand-delivered option for global transportation that you use when you need to deliver confidential documents or items. The service must be reliable, trusted, and absolutely confidential, but the delivery is also urgent. So, what do you look for in a great On Board Courier (OBC) service provider?

Timing? Contingency Plans

How quickly can the OBC deliver the package to the destination? Is there a timeframe that's guaranteed? What happens if there are delays? Are there contingency plans in place for significant delays? You need to have a very clear idea of when your package will be delivered. It's part of what you expect from a high-quality OBC service provider.


How will you know the status of the package? Most shippers have some kind of tracking available, but how does the OBC tracking compare? Is it real-time? How accurate and accessible is the tracking info, and how much information do you get while the package is en-route? You need to know how you will determine the status of our package, and how (and when) you'll be able to determine and mitigate delays.

Customer Service? A Real Person

For your OBC shipment, do you have access to a real person? Can you check-in and find out the current status of your package delivery, particularly when there have been unforeseen delays? Sometimes the only way to make you feel like the package is being taken care of and is being handled with the utmost criticality is to talk to a real person. So, do you get a machine when you call? Or are you able to talk to a real person?


The proof is in how they handle your package, but before you even get to that point of testing their services, you first need to know what makes this OBC service the best. How many years have they been in business? How many deliveries have they successfully handled? What about client satisfaction? Can you talk to one or more of their clients?

You deserve the best possible service and support. You need to know that the courier is going to deliver above and beyond the promise of quality and reliability, with on-time delivery, discreet handling, and focused attention to the task at hand. That's the level of guaranteed satisfaction we offer at Chapman Freeborn OBC. It's what we do. Request a quote today.

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