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Luxury goods are safe in our hands

Each customer's need for their time critical hand-carry business varies. With over 47 years of experience, Chapman Freeborn OBC brokers have a deep understanding of their requirements – as well as the necessary insurance to carry high-value shipments all around the world.

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Chapman Freeborn OBC matches the perfect courier for each job

Chapman Freeborn OBC values its relationship with couriers. Expert couriers develop their own efficiencies to save critical time. They're always planning ahead for the final delivery.

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Chapman Freeborn Onboard Courier – How does it work?

When you need an emergency delivery, every moment counts. We quickly provide a custom quote and once approved, activate the right courier to accompany your time critical shipment.

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Navigating the future

Business today is increasingly global. Even the local ‘Mom & Pop’ shop understands that their diverse suppliers are part of a complex, interconnected world that is the fabric of our modern lives.

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Being an Chapman Freeborn OBC Broker is a rush

John Prompanya has been working for Chapman Freeborn OBC for close to 2 years. And he will tell you, “It’s truly, never a dull moment.

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Becoming a Chapman Freeborn OBC broker

Kasey Lam is a working “boots-on-the-ground” Broker/Operations Manager for Chapman Freeborn OBC. His past experience as the business owner of a logistic company has prepared him well.

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Chapman Freeborn OBC growth in the US = new address in Los Angeles

With nearly three years of growing from strength to strength, Chapman Freeborn OBC has moved its US operations hub in downtown Los Angeles from its private suite within a shared work space to its own office space.

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Multi-tasking is required

Helen Guo is new to the On Board Courier (OBC) or hand-carry industry. Her new role as a Chapman Freeborn OBC Broker is complex and while it leverages her strengths, it’s different from her past work experience.

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When we say next day service, we mean it.

Chapman Freeborn OBC prides itself in Next Day service. Broker, John Prompanya, received an inquiry for time critical job from the American Mid-West to Central America.

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