Overcoming Challenges in the Courier Business

January 13, 2020

In any business, there are challenges. Some businesses have more than others, just based on the kind of work they do. Others may have an easier time, but there will still be obstacles that they face. With the courier business, challenges are generally based around time. Many on board courier transactions are time-sensitive, and there is a need to get the shipment from one place to another on a tight deadline. Because of that, the OBC you choose needs to have ways of meeting that challenge. That's not to say that there will never be a late shipment, but the goal of the OBC is to reduce that risk as much as is humanly possible.

Getting Past the Obstacle of Time

Time isn't flexible, so an on board courier has to be. For larger shipments with a longer lead or notification time, a lot of planning may go into making sure things arrive by the deadline. For smaller shipments or those that are very last-minute, there is a higher degree of risk that the deadline won't be met if planning is poor or if something goes wrong. For example, it's possible that a courier could become stuck in traffic. This is more easily avoided by using a good navigation system that can reroute the courier before they become stuck, but that option isn't foolproof. Still, it greatly reduces the risk of a late shipment.

Another area where time has to be considered and adjustments need to be made has to do with the actual length of time it takes to complete a task. If there isn't enough time to physical move the shipment from one place to another, it's not getting there by the deadline no matter what the courier does. That's something that should be made clear to the client up front, so there's no misunderstanding about whether the shipment will arrive on time. Making promises that an on board courier service knows it can't keep is bad for business and should be avoided. Some challenges really are insurmountable. Honesty helps.

Protecting the Shipment is Another Challenge

In addition to the issue of time, an on board courier needs to overcome the challenge of shipment damage. Depending on what's being transported and how far it needs to go, the potential for damage is very real. Something that's extremely fragile, for example, should generally be watched over and handled much more carefully. The same is true for documents that are very sensitive or personal in nature, because losing them could put a company's or person's information at risk. Legal documents, in particular, should never be left unattended. With hand-carry shipments, there is far less risk.

Chapman Freeborn OBC is dedicated to overcoming challenges in the courier business, and making sure that all its clients get proper, prompt delivery of their items or documents. We hand-carry shipments for added protection, and focus on getting around any issues that could cause a delay or other problem. By trusting your shipments to us, you'll be getting a quality OBC service that can provide you with peace of mind.

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