On Board Courier team delivers 1.3 tons of time-critical automotive parts

August 3, 2017

Chapman Freeborn OBC was recently contracted to deliver 162 automotive pieces from Frankfurt, Germany to the United States. The 1.3 ton time-critical shipment required delivery to the manufacturing plant before an imminent company holiday.

Chapman Freeborn OBC worked with logistic partner Logik Logistics International who helped transport the shipment to Frankfurt airport within the shortest time possible. The four dedicated Chapman Freeborn OBC couriers met the driver at the airport to accept the shipment.

All 162 automotive pieces were not in an air transport-ready condition, but the OBC team was able to consolidate the shipment into 81 larger boxes to reduce the excess baggage charge by over 50%. While the couriers were preparing the boxes, the operations team was arranging the paperwork and organising a trucking company to pick-up the couriers and shipment in Atlanta for the onward journey to deliver the automotive parts.

Upon the flight arriving in Atlanta, and due to the good preparation and corporation between the client and Chapman Freeborn OBC, the couriers and shipment passed security and customs smoothly and were picked-up by the truck to continue their journey to the manufacturing facility.

The shipment was delivered by 19:00. The client was very pleased with the efficient service of Chapman Freeborn OBC, including being kept up-to-date on every step of the courier’s journey through the online tracking tool, allowing them to see real time updates of the shipment.

The global automotive industry is continuously growing. The three most important powerhouses are Western Europe – headed by Germany, the United States, and China. Those three markets together form two thirds of the world’s automotive market. (Source: Verband Deutscher Automobilindustrie).

For Chapman Freeborn OBC most of the day-to-day business results from the automotive industry.

Time is a very crucial factor in the automotive industry. By using the Onboard Courier services of Chapman Freeborn there is a considerable time advantage compared to regular airfreight. OBC shipments are handled by passenger customs clearance which is quicker than scheduled airfreight, saving up to 24 hours on any shipment. As well as gaining time, and despite the limited availability for airfreight on scheduled flights, an OBC ensures the transportation of the shipment by using priority passenger luggage and can be more cost-efficient compared to regular airfreight.

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