On board courier completes round-the-world assignment in 4 days

August 4, 2015

Our On board courier (OBC) team in Cologne recently organised a hand carry operation that involved a full circle route around the globe.

An on board courier completed the 24,605 mile journey in 4 days, travelling through 8 airports in 3 continents - a distance equivalent to travelling the full circumference of the Earth at the equator.

As the courier's original consignment was a single delivery from Madrid to El Paso, the operation did not start as a round-the-world trip. This highlights our team’s ability to provide efficient, on demand solutions.

After completing his delivery at El Paso International Airport, the courier then began a new assignment which required him to travel to Cebu in the Philippines. From Cebu, he made his way back to his original departure point in Madrid via Singapore and Frankfurt.

The full route is shown below:

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