Navigating the future

May 10, 2021

Business today is increasingly global. Even the local ‘Mom & Pop’ shop understands that their diverse suppliers are part of a complex, interconnected world that is the fabric of our modern lives. Many of us know intuitively that this diversity is good for business.

In the global supply chain, one little thing truly does effect another. Globally oriented companies have learned that they can add value to the services they offer clients, by supporting the skills and experience of their international employees.

“Different cultures, continents and languages are what make Chapman Freeborn OBC different. It’s a glimpse into a very exciting future,” said Nikolai Bergmann, President, Chapman Freeborn OBC.

Different backgrounds are what make companies more resilient and effective. A Boston Consulting Group study found that this diversity is not just a metric to be strived for; it is actually an integral part of a successful revenue-generating business.

A globally diverse workforce can offer different perspectives, ideas and experiences. When those ideas come together, it gives the business a greater ability to develop creative solutions that satisfy client needs.

One example is the 24/7 on board courier (OBC) business. “With three global operations hubs and teams that speak a dozen languages and work methods, we really hit our stride during the pandemic. The innovative lessons we’ve learned will go on to fuel future growth,” said Pasquale Bellarosa, Sales and Operations Director at Chapman Freeborn OBC.

There is substantial research to prove that diversity brings many advantages to an organization: increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem-solving abilities. While approaches to teamwork and collaboration may hit a few bumps, the value is in identifying them and learning from them.

As a recent article in the Harvard Business Review argues, the challenges of working in a diverse team are one of the reasons why they perform better: “working on diverse teams produces better outcomes precisely because it’s harder.”

If the company is able to adapt to customized client needs and develop new ideas, the result is a great reputation in the marketplace.

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