Luxury goods are safe in our hands

July 14, 2021

Chapman Freeborn OBC is a natural fit for working with luxury goods. The request may come from a partner like a freight forwarder or an auction house, art dealer, or other high-value goods purveyor. Security and care are part of our custom solutions. Each customer's need for their time-critical hand-carry business varies. With over 47 years of experience, the OBC brokers have a deep understanding of their requirements – as well as the necessary insurance to carry high-value shipments all around the world.

In addition to luxury goods, there are also designer fashion items moving to different photoshoots or magazine editors. “Haute couture is closer to art than it is to fashion. It’s the one-of-a-kind items that require the on board couriers to wear gloves,” said Sonia Khamari, a Chapman Freeborn OBC Broker in Los Angeles.

Chapman Freeborn OBC assures that one courier will be in possession of the item at all times, door-to-door. Luxury goods require the schedule to be highly flexible but within a strict set of guidelines. For example, the courier will travel with a roll-aboard bag that is always designated as the carry-on bag. Luxury goods are never in checked baggage.

Security is always top priority and the customers appreciate that peace of mind. If the carry-on bag is deemed too heavy for the main cabin, the customer will likely upgrade to Business Class rather than check the bag. That upgrade might be an additional $5000-$10,000, depending on the carrier and the route. The courier is expected to dress accordingly. Ground transportation is always by special vehicle for security reasons.

Another important element is the ability to monitor the progress of the parcel at any time by using an integrated online tracking system and ensure flawless delivery.

Khamari is busy offering tailored logistics solutions to the high-value and luxury goods industry and her other customers every day. “We are here to help move all of their projects, anywhere in the world,” said Khamari. Her previous experience working with VIP passengers at LAX has come in handy, whether helping a courier find the best express line or showing an elite status flyer how they can be expedited through customs at CDG airport.

Unusual requests are the norm. Last month, a fashion house sent clothing for a pop star’s magazine photoshoot in Hawaii. The client requested that the courier stop and buy a pair of black dress socks before delivering the clothes to the star.. Everything was delivered (discreetly) to the hotel bungalow, and no one was the wiser.

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