Hand-Carry Shipments Can Give You Peace of Mind

January 21, 2020

When you need to send something to another company or individual, you want to make sure it gets there. Sending it through one of the more standard, "big box" shipping companies could be safe enough, but then again, it might not be. Plus, it might not get there on time. That's why you need an on board courier service that hand-carries shipments. That will give you peace of mind, and with 24/7 tracking, a quick delivery that you don't have to worry about. The need to send a document or other small shipment is often last minute, and the right OBC service will take care of the timing and logistics issues for you, as well.

Don't Settle for Less Than Quality

No matter what kind of shipment you're sending, it's important to you. It needs to get to its destination by a specific time, and it needs to be undamaged. That's why you should select an on board courier who understands the importance of hand-carry shipments. When you find the right courier, you'll know you're getting quality and value. You'll also know you have a company you can trust. Items and documents that are sent through a courier are often very time-sensitive. By hand-carrying the shipment, the courier shows you that they're dedicated to making sure you have a good experience with them.

You can send something another way, but you'll be taking a risk. Instead, why not get the peace of mind that comes with hand-carry shipments? The OBC will pick up your shipment and take it right to the location where it needed to be delivered. Putting the documents or other items in the hands of the person expecting them ensures safe arrival, and reduces the chances that something will get "lost in the shuffle" when there are a lot of packages and envelopes in one vehicle, all going to different places. With an on board courier that hand-carries shipments, you'll get the individualized service you deserve.

A Hand-Carry Shipment Means an Undamaged Shipment

When a lot of items end up in one vehicle, and the delivery driver has dozens of stops to make, the chance that something will get delivered to the wrong place is very real. With time-sensitive documents and items that could be very personal in nature, you definitely don't want that to happen. Often, small envelopes and packages can become damaged when they're mixed in with a lot of other items, too. If you're sending something that can't be folded or bent, or that is fragile, breakable, or otherwise easily damaged, on OBC is the way to go in order to be sure what you need to send gets their safely and when promised.


If you operate a business that focuses on fast delivery, or if you're conducting a transaction that has a very tight deadline, you want to make sure you have a company that can help you succeed at that. By working with Chapman Freeborn OBC, you can get the quality and value you deserve in your on board courier transaction. You'll have peace of mind, and you can keep your business moving forward.

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