Expanding OBC Services: What You Need to Know

February 5, 2020

Companies expand all the time, and the move usually involves a combination of smart business sense and deepening customer service capabilities. For On Board Courier services, like Chapman Freeborn OBC, the benefit runs a bit deeper than that. It's driven by the real-time requirements of a global client base, but also by a dedication to improve a core business model that has already been serving clients around the world since 2006.

What Does Expanding On Board Courier Services Mean for Chapman Freeborn OBC?

The expansion of our On Board Courier Services to include a Los Angeles hub is just the latest massive evolution to our company, continually expanding the scope of its influence and presence with hubs in Germany and Hong Kong. The goal is to offer ever-more-direct and comprehensive real-time support and monitoring for courier services no matter where in the world the critical package or delivery needs to go.

Expansion means an important opportunity to tap into and expand the team of experienced and knowledgeable staff that continually support and drive the success of the company with their impressive array of talents. Even before the new hub this year, they were already doing an amazing job, delivering those all-important, time-critical solutions around-the-clock. Now, they just have more tools in their arsenal, more time at their global disposal, and more time-zone active personnel to help support the growing demands of customers around the world.

We are leaders in the marketplace, and it’s time that we reiterated and clarified why we are here, what we offer, and what differentiates us.

So, what sets us apart?

With hubs in Europe, Asia, and the US, we offer real-time support. We offer 24/7/365 coverage. We continue to offer a comprehensive, secure solution to our customers. Expansion to more global destinations allows us to serve the needs of our clients that much better, faster, and more-reliably. Our customers have been and always will be at the center of every business decision and expansion possibility.

We focus on how to offer the best, most timely care and delivery services in a way that will make the global expanses as insignificant as possible. We know the package is important and that's why you trust us with the delivery. Expanded on board courier service offering allows us to deliver your precious, important package when and when you need it to go, with the peace of mind that it really will get there as fast as possible.

The real benefit, though, is to the client, because the package is of critical importance, and it must be tracked with the utmost care. With real-time tracking and expanded hub services, the package is safer and more secure. You have reassurance with that real-time tracking and on-call support. Beyond just peace of mind, you've got a global network of experts who are working to ferry your critical package to its destination. That’s what an On Board Courier is all about, and that’s the level of service we offer at Chapman Freeborn.

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