Chapman Freeborn OBC special request: need 60 boxes repacked and wrapped

July 20, 2021

Chapman Freeborn OBC’s hub in Hong Kong received a request to pick up total of 60 boxes of auto parts as a shipment to deliver to the United States over the weekend.  There was also a special request for assistance in wrapping the shipment. On the surface, this seems like a fairly simple request.

The shipment would need to be repacked and wrapped according to the airlines’ requirements. This all needs to happen prior to checking in the shipment at the airport.  The client advised that they had no additional manpower or equipment available at the warehouse to assist.

Sunny Poon, OBC Operations Manager, said, “In addition to finding and coordinating the manpower for the repacking and wrapping, we also arranged for ground transport with proper equipment in order to lift the shipment onto the truck.” Sometimes this is called a ‘lift gate,’ and it helps lift heavy objects up to the opening – or gate – of a truck. It works like a mini freight elevator attached to a truck.

“From the time we received the request, explained Poon, it was only 2 hours to prepare the shipment per the airline's check-in requirement.”  Another challenge is to wrap shipment into proper boxes.  The airlines do allow boxes as checked baggage as long as they are within the allowed weight/size guidelines and are properly packed and secured to avoid damage during loading and unloading.

Additional manpower was also needed to meet the shipment at the airport. This helps the check-in process and ensures each correctly packed and wrapped box for the flight. Once checked in, the baggage handling has been automated at larger airports. Conveyor belts, robotic arms, and loaders can’t discern between tough, polycarbonate cases and cardboard boxes. As a result, studier boxes were used to guard against a few tumbles or the pressure of other bags atop them.

Although this kind of shipment is unusual for Chapman Freeborn OBC, in some urgent cases, we are happy to provide assistance and help make the client’s shipment possible.

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