Chapman Freeborn OBC launches new version of their courier app

May 10, 2022

In November 2018, Chapman Freeborn OBC launched the first ever app developed for couriers. This app has helped to significantly increase the visibility and efficiency of On Board Courier shipments.

Using the app, couriers can report themselves as "available for a job" at their location. Job offers can also be sent to couriers located near the pickup location, who can then to accept or decline the job. This quick and efficient pickup of the goods offers significant customer benefits.

The app also features chat functionality, facilitating updates and status messages between brokers and couriers. This enables information about the status of the shipment to be communicated with the client in real time.

What does the new version offer?

As of 25th of April, an optimised, more interactive and even more user-friendly version of the Chapman Freeborn OBC app is available. The app offers a convenient hand carry service experience, with all necessary information in one place on your phone.

"We incorporated the feedback from our couriers and added as much as possible," comments Stefan Hirche, Business Applications & Process Manager at Chapman Freeborn.

He adds, “We learned a lot from the first app and decided to completely rebuild it with modern technology."

The app can now be used offline, has a more user-friendly layout, and there are more options for individual settings.

The entire OBC job can be handled through the app, with the courier receiving milestones about the progress of the transport and the On Board Courier getting a full picture of the transport project.

Precise information is transmitted in chronological order: When and where the delivery should be picked up, the time at which the courier should be at the airport, when the plane is scheduled to take off, and at what time the package should be delivered to the recipient.

This also offers an enormous advantage to the customer, as by using the app, the client can save time and money.

The app is already available for download for iOS and Android, and will be available later this year for Huawei devices.

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