Chapman Freeborn OBC completes longest domestic delivery in Russia

July 27, 2021

Chapman Freeborn OBC recently completed the longest OBC domestic service within Russia, from one side of the country to the other. The air travel distance is roughly 7400km or 4600mi across.

Our customer approved the quote and confirmed the job at 7 pm Moscow time. The courier was on board with the package by 9:45 pm.

There are eleven time zones in Russia, which currently does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). When the bells toll in Red Square at 7pm in Moscow, it’s already 4 am in Mys Shmidta, the farthest part of Russia’s Far East. Only France has more time zones (13) but this factors in its overseas territories!

Carrying a small package of very important spare parts, the direct flight was the quickest and most efficient way to deliver. This urgent delivery took approximately 11 hours and 20 minutes with a stop in Moscow. For perspective, there is no direct train (6 days, 19 hours), and driving (truck transport) would be 5 days, 3 hrs to cover 6560 ground miles.

Chapman Freeborn OBC knows how important a reliable courier service can be to a business. It is critical to provide safety and security at every stage of transport and fast delivery. That’s one reason why OBC brokers provide real-time updates consistently during the journey. In this case, the Consignee was able to see the exact estimated time of arrival. Since they were very eager to receive the package, the consignee was happy to collect it in person on arrival.

Chapman Freeborn OBC is known for providing high-quality service. We are confident about our capabilities. We’re always ready to provide an immediate quote and get your shipment moving as soon as possible.

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