Press release: Chapman Freeborn OBC announces its financial support of global carbon reduction and climate contribution projects

January 25, 2024

Chapman Freeborn OBC, a leading provider of time-critical on board courier solutions and part of Avia Solutions Group, has announced that it is financially contributing to a selection of projects focused on carbon reduction and climate contribution as part of its wider plan to address emissions and support global carbon neutrality goals.

All of these projects are offered in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Using the sustainability management platform WAVES, Chapman Freeborn OBC is calculating the global emissions of all journeys taken – whether packages are transported by plane or by road – and financing these projects accordingly.

The projects are as follows:

  • Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas Development Programme in China: supporting up to one million low-income rural households in the Sichuan province by providing them with biogas digesters and cookstoves;
  • Utsil Naj - Healthy homes for all in Mexico: distributing Mexican cookstoves within vulnerable communities to help improve local living conditions;
  • Ouarzazate II Concentrated Solar Power Project in Morocco: generating solar electricity locally to contribute to the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuels;
  • Bikes for the Planet in Brazil: building and expanding existing bike lanes, parking areas and sharing programmes in Rio de Janeiro to provide an alternative transportation option.

As well as contributing to carbon reduction and avoidance, the projects also benefit local communities and positively impact economic growth.

Chapman Freeborn OBC is also working to make its office locations more sustainable. Its Cologne office now runs on 100 percent European-sourced green energy, 10 percent of which is solar. Additionally, the company is phasing out its use of exclusively petrol cars, with every vehicle added to the company’s fleet in the past two years being an electric/petrol hybrid.

Nikolai Bergmann, President of Chapman Freeborn OBC, says, "At Chapman Freeborn OBC, we understand the importance of comprehending our carbon footprint, ensuring that our investments in carbon reduction and avoidance are purposeful and effective. It's not just about taking action; it's about making a meaningful impact.

“Supporting these projects allows us to contribute to carbon reduction efforts that align with our values and also benefit local communities and economic growth. Initiatives, such as providing biogas digesters to low-income rural households in China and distributing cookstoves in vulnerable communities in Mexico, exemplify our commitment to addressing environmental and social concerns."

Nikolai Bergmann headshot

Chapman Freeborn OBC is self-funding its climate contribution and sustainable office projects to ensure the associated cost is not transferred to its customers.

Find out more about Chapman Freeborn OBC’s sustainability plans here: Sustainability - Chapman Freeborn On Board Courier

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