Being an Chapman Freeborn OBC Broker is a rush

May 10, 2021

John Prompanya has been working for Chapman Freeborn OBC for close to 2 years. He will tell you, “It’s truly, never a dull moment. Every day is different, which is what I had learned while studying for my degree in Aviation Administration. I’ve always been drawn to the aviation industry.” Prompanya’s first logistics experience was working to arrange flights as a flight medic. He was involved in helping to charter life-saving medical flights or for those in need of medical attention while traveling.

He explained, “It’s still a rush today, when it all comes together. The right courier, the right flight…and hearing a customer say, ‘Great job!’ when it’s all over.” He had not heard of the on board courier industry until a Chapman Freeborn recruiter reached out to him. She had read about his aviation related education, liked his practical experience and thought he was a perfect OBC broker candidate. Her instincts were right on target because John likes the challenge.

Every day he is tracking jobs, talking to customers and responding to inquiries for quotes. These quotes are created and sent to the customer right away. He is able to think on his feet if a flight is delayed or cancelled and he’s empowered to make good decisions. “I like the sense of accomplishment. The customer sends you an email, ‘Job well done!’ and it’s a nice pat on the back at the end of the day,” said Prompanya.

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